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Nayaab is conveniently located near Dixie and Derry Road in Mississauga. We offer specialty picks on our menu that include authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisine with distinctive flavours that are crafted by our skilled chefs. Nayaab is all about experiencing the pleasure of fine dining among friends, family and coworkers. We offer culinary of familiar origins but with diversity so you experience a little something new in every bite.  We have popular dishes from the major cities in Pakistan like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar in our non-vegetarian Karahis and expand our selection to vegetarian delights from Delhi, Punjab and Bengal.  You have to come in to experience our buffet menu and sample all these unique flavours. With two separate rooms, our dining area can accommodate up to 150 guests and our party hall can entertain up to 50 guests. 

Don’t leave without trying one of our grill platters! You won’t be disappointed!

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We are a family-owned business and have been in Canada for over 25 years. Nayaab emanated from our delectable memories that included all of the scrumptious food experiences and dining pleasures from ‘back home’. We felt it was time to bring it all together and serve what we all love and cherish to our family, friends and friends of friends. It is time we give back to our community and share our food with everyone where we now call home, our beloved Ontario!

Our chefs are culinary experts and skilled at recognizing flavors and judging the balance of seasonings and ingredients in every carefully cooked dish. This is not only featured in all varieties of naan, baked or grilled meats and veggies, but also, in mouth-watering curries and biryani or rice dishes. The result, our chef’s unique recipes are planned and perfected to suit and light up the taste buds of everyone alike.

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Our Food Policy

At Nayaab we strongly support our local vendors and Ontario growers. We believe the best and freshest meat and produce come from our own Ontario farmers. The food that we prepare is carefully selected and stored to ensure that our customers, staff, family and friends receive the best quality of food each and every time. Our staff are cautious when handling food and take extra measures when preparing our dishes. We offer A Grade Halal meat from our local vendors. Food Handling and Safety go hand-in-hand and we strive to keep that a top priority!

Our Core Values

We value our customers, staff, community, the health and safety of everyone around us, and our goal is to provide great food experience to all.

Renowned Chefs

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Our restaurant chef our world experience and qualified from per Food Industry the make the tasty food to a food lovers.